Learning to trade via Direct Reinforcement

Applying Deep Reinforcement Learning to Trading with Dr

  1. Custom Indicators for Reinforcement Learning Trading Tutorial | $GME Python Trading PT2
  2. News Sentiment & Reinforcement Learning in Finance & Algorithmic Trading
  3. Reinforcement Learning in Algo Trading (Trade Entry Properties)
  4. Part VI. Reinforcement Learning. Deep Learning Trading Strategy from the beginning to the production
  5. Build a trading bot with Deep Reinforcement Learning using Ray and RLlib
  6. Reinforcement Learning for Trading Practical Examples and Lessons Learned by Dr. Tom Starke
  7. Applying LSTM to Time Series Data - Reinforcement Learning for Trading Strategies

Part VII. Reinforcement Learning. Trading Environment.

  1. Autonomous Trading System using Reinforcement Learning by Melissa Tan
  2. Q Learning for Trading
  3. Frankly Speaking S2 E1 - Interview with Reza Pahlavi Crown Prince of Iran

How I lost $350K daytrading stocks and what I learned from it

Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading Part 1: Machine Learning & First Steps

Portfolio Optimization with Deep Reinformcement Learning

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